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Certified Corporate Growth Advisor™

The Institute of Business Advisors (IBA) provides the exclusive training to become a Certified Corporate Growth Advisor™ (CCGA). The CCGA™ certification program is designed to transform your mindset and skillset to become a best-in-class business growth advisor. We teach and train many of the same tools, techniques, and strategies used by top consulting firms (McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Accenture, Deloitte), taught by top-selling business books, and employed by continuous improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma. We synergistically integrate all this content to equip you to help grow a company’s top-line, bottom-line, and overall enterprise value. In fact, you will learn over 100 strategies to help increase a company’s profit and enterprise value. [Imagine, having over 100 growth arrows in your personal advisory quiver!] Furthermore, you will become Lean Six Sigma certified during the CCGA training, which means you will be qualified and trained in business process improvement (a great growth lever for all companies in all industries). Aside from becoming a distinguished value-added business growth advisor, the CCGA training equips you with the tools and training to build your own corporate growth advisory practice. Corporate growth advisory services is an offering that is attractive to business owners, management teams, and private-equity firms in all industries. Corporate growth advisory services is also equally applicable to small, mid-size, and large companies. Ideal participants include an array of professions such as management consultants, financial analysts, accountants, bankers, attorneys, M&A advisors, private equity, venture capital, corporate professionals, and more. The CCGA training is a 5-day intensive training course. Please contact us for further details.

The IBA developed The Certified Corporate Growth Advisor™ Pyramid and utilizes it as a core framework within our proprietary CCGA™ training.