IBA Library (“MBA-in-a-Box”)

The IBA Library (“MBA-in-a-Box”) is our digital, game-changing, and proprietary toolbox that equips members with value-added, on-demand, and easy-to-understand business resources such as: business book summaries; business case studies; business tools, tips & techniques; business ideas, insights & intelligence; MBA core content; industry snapshots; our Insights Gallery™, and more.

The IBA Library (“MBA-in-a-Box”) is for members only. If you would like to gain access to the IBA library, please select the “Join Now” button below to become an IBA member (or select the “Login” button if you are already an IBA member).

NOTE: In additional to all the value-added resources contained in MBA-in-a-Box, IBA members also gain free access to all of our core training classes referred to as “Core Courses” (see separate menu), which represents the IBA’s online learning management system.

The IBA’s “MBA-in-a-Box” is your one-stop-shop for on-demand and value-added business resources:

We are constantly updating the IBA Library, so please check back often!

NOTE: The courses listed under the IBA’s “Core Courses” menu are also available for free to members and provides supplemental business acumen learning and education via our online learning management system. The courses listed under the IBA’s “Level-Up Training” menu are separate and distinct from the IBA Library (MBA-in-a-Box) toolbox and the Core Courses. They represent level-up training, certificates, and certifications beyond the IBA Library (MBA-in-a-Box) resources and Core Courses training. Additional fees are associated with Level-Up Training courses.