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The IBA – the Institute of Business Advisors – represents an exclusive group of professionals who are serious about growing their business advisory skills, toolbox, network, career, credentials, and more. When you join the IBA you will receive: the IBA credentials, the IBA e-newsletter; access to our network; access to our proprietary toolbox known as MBA-in-a-Box; access to our core training courses, and more. The IBA Library (MBA-in-a-Box) consists of value-added, on-demand, and easy-to-understand business resources such as: business book summaries; business case studies; business tools, tips & techniques; business ideas, insights & intelligence; MBA core content; industry snapshots; our Insights Gallery™, and more. Join the IBA today!

Individual Membership$199 annual fee
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Top 10 Ideas to Maximize Your IBA + MBA-in-a-Box Membership

The following represents 10 ways to maximize your IBA + MBA-in-a-Box membership. Generally speaking, these ideas apply whether you have an individual or corporate membership.

  • Add IBA membership credentials to your resume and professional bio (Linked-In, company website, proposals, etc.)
  • Use MBA-in-a-Box as a learning & development resource (review one library document per week, have “Lunch & Learns,” create a “Book Club”, etc.)
  • Use MBA-in-a-Box to set professional development goals (read 10 book summaries; read 5 case studies; read 5 content pieces on strategies for business growth; become white belt lean six sigma certified, etc.)
  • Use MBA-in-a-Box to identify value-added ideas and insights for clients/prospects/ colleagues and for your newsletter/social media
  • Incorporate IBA credentials into your marketing materials, proposals, website, and thought leadership
  • Leverage the IBA membership as a unique recruiting and retention tool; provide rewards for certain levels of engagement
  • Use the MBA-in-a-Box resources to help enhance, expand, or develop new advisory service offerings
  • Leverage the MBA-in-a-Box library to become a better networker, rainmaker, communicator, speaker, and advisor
  • Take various core training courses which are free and part of the IBA’s learning management system
  • Level-up your training/certifications by taking: Business Advisor Bootcamp, Business Book Bootcamp, MBA-in-a-Day™, Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma, or becoming a Certified Corporate Growth Advisor™